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Academy - Advanced Topics in A/P - Intro to Purchase Order Processing

Instructor-led training on-line!
Learn how to leverage Microsoft Dynamics GP Purchase Order Processing (POP) and streamline the related A/P functions in one class! This course is open to any GP user and is a core requirement for the PCAP Certification.
One of the great benefits of using Microsoft Dynamics GP is the integration of information and processes across business functions. If you use Payables Management and POP, you will not want to miss this class!

Learn how to set up the module and enter purchase orders, enter shipment receipts and match the shipment to an invoice. You will also learn the basics of POP returns. Basic Reporting, Inquiries and Smartlists will be covered to help you manage your purchasing to accounts payable process. Participate in the hands-on exercises for a greater understanding of the Purchase Order Processing lifecycle. You'll walk away knowing how to:
• Define setup options that allow you to customize your system to better fit your organization's unique needs
• Enter Purchase Orders, Receipts, and Returns
• Copy item details from an existing Purchase Order
• Use inquiry screens and reports to extract and analyze appropriate information to maintain and improve business processes
• Use Navigation Lists to Copy, Receive, Print, Email and Invoice Purchase Orders.
Learning Objectives:
• Understand how Purchase Order Processing integrates with the Accounts Payable module
• Understand the Purchase Order Processing setup options.
• Identify opportunities for enhanced support of your organization’s purchasing and payables processes

Instructor: Amber Bell

Audience: GP Finance

Level: Beginner

Prerequisites: Basic understanding of Dynamics GP Basic Navigation Functions and GP Payables Management.

Delivery Method: Live Classroom training

CPE Credits: By participating in this class you are eligible to earn up to 4 CPE credits which will be distributed automatically following class completion. Class participation will be monitored and you will not receive CPE credit for any portion of the class that you do not appear fully engaged.