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Keep Cool – Keeping your batches clean

Abra and Amber are like Cactus Coolers as opposed to getting STUCK with a bunch of transactions, batches, and processes left in an unposted, work, or unbalanced status while you are trying to reconcile or close your books. Make these changes along the way to prevent you from having to worry about those pesky pokey situations! Tips and Tricks across all modules and areas of Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Learning Objectives:
• Presenters will show attendees how to quickly setup your system to alert YOU when batches and transactions need to be posted or cleared.
• Upon completion of the session, users will understand how navigation lists, workflow and exception Smartlists can keep your monthly processes from becoming headaches.
• Users will want to quickly update their own shortcuts, Smartlists, excel refreshables to use these tips and take them to the next level!