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*In order to access these Webinar Recordings, a membership is required.      

We’d like to introduce you to GPUG, the official User Group for Dynamics GP. Tens of thousands of users call GPUG home and utilize this network of Dynamics professionals to answer their questions, provide solutions or make connections with peers to provide the ‘been there, done that’ insight.  Knowledge is exchanged through:

·       User-led virtual training sessions

·       Local User Group Meetings

·       Online Q&A Forum

·       Advanced workshops (Academy)

·       In-Person Conferences and Events

Consider joining GPUG. A cost-effective company membership allows all Dynamics GP users in your organization to get involved and experience the value of a community powered by users for users. 

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Upon joining please enter the following code to receive the discount: PRPTrainingDynamo

GP Workbooks


All-new easy-to-use, full-color Microsoft Dynamics GP Training Guides!

Year-End Workbook includes checklists for:  System, General Ledger, Payables, Receivables, Fixed Assets, Purchase Order Processing, Sales Order Processing, and Inventory.

User Workbook includes step-by-step instructions for setting up the Home Page, Navigation Pane, Toolbars, and Navigation Lists. Also includes how to setup custom SmartList Reminders and SmartList Export Solutions.


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Step-by step guide for setting up your Microsoft Dynamics GP Home Page, Shortcuts, Navigation Lists, SmartLists, Macros and MORE!


This workbook is designed to help simplify Month-End and Year-End Closing in Microsoft Dynamics GP.

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microsoft Dynamics GP -
power pack!

Special Pricing for combo-pack.



* Discounts are available for large orders. If you are a Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner or consultant, email or call for more information.

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Time flies! We’re closing in on June which is the perfect time to do a Mid-Year assessment of your GP system.  Join Amber Bell from Training Dynamo for a live 3-Hour Workshop designed to help you improve your Month/Period-End Close procedures so your next Year-End Close will be easy! 

We will be using the “Microsoft Dynamics GP: Year-End Workbook!” during this 3-hour workshop. The workbook ($100 Value) is included in your registration fee!

You will learn how to setup Month-End Checklists to help you review New Vendors, Customers and GL Accounts. You will also learn easy ways to find errors that you can fix now so that your next Year-End will be a breeze!

After attending the Year-End Closing Workshop and reviewing the Workbook, you will have the tools needed to complete your Year-End close. 

If you prefer to work with your GP Partner to complete your Year-End close, you can still use this workbook and attend the workshop!  You will save time and money by improving your Period-End processes, perfecting balancing the GL to your Subledgers and completing the pre-close tasks.

All are welcome to join! If you are a GP Partner or Consultant and you would like to discuss using these books for your clients contact amber@trainingdynamo.com.

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Training Dynamo's Year-End Workshop is designed to be used by Microsoft Dynamics GP Partners with their clients! No one is better at knowing the specific challenges that each company that uses Microsoft Dynamics GP is facing than their trusted advisor! If you are interested in attending a class, have your Partner contact Training Dynamo today. If your partner purchases 10 or more Workbooks or the Workshop, your Workbook is FREE!

partner led training...made easy!

After spending almost 20 years as a Microsoft Dynamics GP Consultant, Amber Bell of Training Dynamo decided it was time to save her fellow GP Consultants time and money and create a totally new way to deliver GP Training. The workshops are designed to be used by GP Partners and Consultants. The Partner can add a logo and plan for supplementary module training or tailor the training for the specific needs of their clients. Flip through the sample slides. If you are interested in more information, send an email to Amber amber@trainingdynamo.com